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Putting It All Together: Amanda Retchless

This week I was trying to show a part of myself in my comic. A side that not a lot of people really know about me. That thing is that I love video games. I love it even more when … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Amanda Retchless

This week my comic is about relaxation, because I think that is something we all need. My comic uses interdependent work-picture combinations by showing the picture of the crab and then with the speech bubble on the top confirming what … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog, Living In Line: Amanda Retchless

In this weekly comic, I hope to convey the emotion and invisible sense of creativity. There are two people and those two people are seeing the world differently. One person is all bright and colorful and can see a lot … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Review: Amanda Retchless

The comic book that I have read was the Archie and Me comics. I read this because I really liked the bright art style and the humor in each of the comics. In the comic that I read, it was … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative Comic: Amanda Retchless

When we went to the Museum on Tuesday, we looked at a few different works of comics. I found one that was really interesting and caught my eye. That comic being “Unidentified Feeling Object”, by Mita Mahato. The comic was … Continue reading

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Closure & Time Frames: Amanda Retchless

The graphic novel that I found is the Archie Comics. I find these really interesting because one of the shows I watch is based off of the Archie Comics. That show being Riverdale. The Archie Comics are in the art … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Amanda Retchless

My comic fits into McCloud’s definition because I have created a comic with lots of images and pictures that are in no deliberate sequence. I have a lot of images that I personally like and I threw them together to … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Amanda Retchless

The materials that I brought to the CDSC for our first scanning day was a tea and pink lemonade label because those were some of the drinks that I have had recently. I brought a book written by my favorite … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Amanda Retchless

The first comic I made for this class was the hand drawn comic. I think that I was able to made the hand drawn comic more detailed and it meant more to me compared to when I made the online … Continue reading

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