Final Digital Comic Collage: Amanda Retchless

My comic fits into McCloud’s definition because I have created a comic with lots of images and pictures that are in no deliberate sequence. I have a lot of images that I personally like and I threw them together to make a larger image. I like to think that I have created an aesthetic, but it is kinda hard to tell. Other readings and class discussions helped me think about my work because I wasn’t sure what to put together, let alone what would look good together. The class discussions told me that there is no order and that I should create what I thought was interesting and seemed creative to me. It took me about a week to finish scanning all of the things that I had on hand and thought would look cool together. A lot of the stuff that I put in this collage are things that I personally like or hold dear to me. A lot of it is symbolism, such as the Harry Potter keychain. My friends and I have matching keychains and it meant a lot to me that we now have something that we all have. The red plumeria is part of a necklace that I have and always wear. It was given to me by my grandma in Hawaii and I don’t have a lot from her, so it meant a lot. I have some pictures of my favorite things from books. Such as, the dragon represents my love for fantasy and the game dungeons and dragons. The castle is a representation of League of Legends. I based this off of the 2020 cinematic setting. The lightning image represents how much I love the weather and it also represents one of my favorite scenes from my favorite book called A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I also have the two main characters from The Last of Us, one of my favorite video games, they are kinda the main attraction. I also have a pink playstation controller underneath that because I wanted to represent that I play video games, but I also like the color pink (I know so original), so I wanted to represent that, along with my pink colored earbuds. I have a Pura Vida bracelet on there because it is pink and it is something that I have in common with my sisters. I also have three glow in the dark stars. The stars are a symbol that my friends and hold close to us, it also comes with a quote, “To the stars that listen, and the dreams that are answered” by Sarah J. Maas. I do have some words present, they say “you channel grow”. In my mind I thought it said you channel growth, but I also want the viewer to imagine their own ending to the word, kinda like how a part of a sentence is left blank and you gotta fill it in yourself. Going into this, I didn’t really have a plan. I knew what I wanted to do, but like always I didn’t know how to execute it. I just threw some things together and this is how it ended up being. Personally, I don’t really like it. The end product is not what I imagined it would be, in fact it is the opposite. I imagined a more lord of the rings vibe for it.

This is not my first time using photoshop. I haven’t used it for a project like this before, but I have messed around with it in the past. I have only really used the lasso tools and the different coloration tools. I think the most useful was the masking tools as well as the gradient tool. I learned how to do this lastly, I really liked it and I tried to use it a lot more, but I only used it once. It was confusing to use because for the first five minutes I didn’t get the result that I wanted and I had no clue how to properly use it. I eventually did it so that I have a fading effect on the two characters to the mountain. Yes, I personally liked composing in a digital environment because I was able to do a lot more than with what I can do with my two hands. I also liked it because if I messed up, it was an easy fix. 

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