Final Digital Comic Collage: Nick Caton

Digital Comic by Nick Caton, February 2020


For this project I wanted to create my digital comic using a bunch of things that have meaning to myself. I wanted to use things that have color and also texture. I think the reader will take away all the colors and how it is kind of chaotic with your eye catching something different every time you look at it. I used the shoes to convey the sequence and how they are almost walking across the page. I used the background to produce an aesthetic response for the reader. I think the Lynda Barry reading inspired me to use images and object that have meaning to me. Also while creating this project one of my influences was an iSpy book. I used to have a bunch of iSpy books as a kid and loved looking through them at all the different objects, having to find specific ones. When finding objects to scan for this project I tried to find objects that represented myself as well as having texture or cool aspects tot he object. I Think the textures in the leather of the baseball glove and the corduroy of the shoe helped the image a lot with appealing textures.

Photoshop experience

This was not my first time using Photoshop, I took a class in high school about digital design. I haven’t used Photoshop since then so I definitely forgot a lot about the program. Something I learned that was new is using a layer mask. I never knew about the layer mask and I think it is really useful because you are able to go back and make adjustments to your selection instead of erasing the pixels. This tool helped me a lot with refining my selections throughout the project. For all of the images I used a layer mask so that I could go back and bring back or take away pixels when needed. This was probably the tool I used most along with the quick selection tool. I used to only use the magnetic lasso tool when making selections but learning how to use the quick selection tool has been much easier. The magnetic lasso takes a lot longer that the quick selection tool especially if you have a contrasting background because the quick selection tool does a pretty good job selecting the object with a contrasting background. I do like composing in a digital environment. I think it is fun to create projects in a digital platform because there is so much you can do with these adobe programs and our eyes now a day are more attracted to a project made in digital rather than by hand.

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