Final Digital Comic Collage: Mitchell Delmage

In my collage, I wanted to express my identity through important items in my life. I chose items in my room that mean the most to me.

All of these images are deliberately placed and juxtaposed in a way to show that nothing in life is planned, and nothing happens for a reason. Spatially, I wanted to layer things on top of each other and randomly put things in random places to show that life is random. The best quality a person can have is to be adaptable to change, because life always changes. I used more linguistics when I used a book that reads, “Learn how to relax.” I used this book because nobody would spend money on a book about relaxing, but sometimes in life we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught. The book represents self reflection.

The coaster of Rhode Island is very important to me because Rhode Island is like my second home, and I have a large amount of family members that live there. I chose to use words to clarify what the map was. I chose my high school I.D. card because it represents everything in my life before I came to college. The Julian Edelman player card is important to me since I am a huge New England Patriots fan. The hat placed on top of the world in the top right corner represents a side of me the loves adventure and travel. The picture in the picture depicts a king looking over a city and mountains, and can be interpreted in many ways. The Washington State football gloves represent a very important part of my life. It represents everything I have achieved, and all the hard work I have done in my life. The word “Shredla” with the picture in the letters is probably the most important aspect of the collage. Shredla is my whole world right now, and it is my brand. Some of the other items represent smaller things in my life. I put some small, less important items like the pen and chapstick to represent how the little things in life are important.

I am a beginner, but this is not my first time using photoshop. The best part of making my collage was when I used a clipping mask for the word “Shredla.” It was really cool being able to put my hand-made collage inside of a world. I do like composing a digital environment because it is easier to make things look specifically how you want them to look. However, there is something pretty cool about making a collage using glue sticks and magazines.

About Mitchell Delmage

Multimedia Journalism student
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