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Putting it all together: Mitchell Delmage

The idea behind my comic was to draw the first thing that came into my head. So I created a fuzzy monster. I just wanted to create something that was totally different and completely unusual. Whatever would come to my … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Show and tell: Mitchell Delmage

For my comic this week, I created a scene where a car drives from Wyoming to Colorado. I used techniques from Scott McCloud’s, Understanding Comics. I used the additive combination of words and pictures and the interdependent technique in the … Continue reading

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Living in the line: Mitchell Delmage

In my comic, I wanted to convey a lot of craziness. I used a lot of crazy shapes overlapping each other to give the emotion of adrenaline. I used a lot of straight lines to show the character going full … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Review: Mitchell Delmage

Good-bye Chunky Rice is a story, written by Craig Thompson, about a turtle named Chunky Rice and a mouse deer named Dandle. The story shares a message about how people need love and relationships in their life to be happy.  … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative Comics: Mitchell Delmage

Taylor Dow uses various design elements and principles to convey a feeling of distance, curiosity, and separation in his comic Abruption.  Dow uses a contrast between the darkroom and the glowing orb to make the character feel curious. The character … Continue reading

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Closure and time frames : Mitchell Delmage

I read Good-bye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson. An example of closure I found was when a character pulled a lamp off the shelf and the cord popped out of the socket. The comic sequence is action to action but … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Mitchell Delmage

In my collage, I wanted to express my identity through important items in my life. I chose items in my room that mean the most to me. All of these images are deliberately placed and juxtaposed in a way to … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Mitchell Delmage

I brought in my lanyard and keys to get scanned. I will bring in some cloth and other materials that have really good textures. I think textures and drawings would be cool to use because they are both things you … Continue reading

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Print versus Digital Comics: Mitchell Delmage

Hand-drawn comics are open to so much creativity. When making a hand-drawn comic, you do not have to worry about being limited to a lack of knowledge about using computer softwares. With colored pencils, you are free to do whatever … Continue reading

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