Putting it all together: Mitchell Delmage

The idea behind my comic was to draw the first thing that came into my head. So I created a fuzzy monster. I just wanted to create something that was totally different and completely unusual. Whatever would come to my mind first is what I would create. The story is about a fuzzy monster, and for whatever reason his species can reproduce at an extremely rapid rate. So, the fuzzy monster reproduces himself 15 times every week. He takes his offspring and blows them up every week for his TV show. I had to include a lot of background information in my comic for all my ideas to be understood. And, it can be implied that in his society there is no morally wrong reason to kill your children. 

The form of my comic is a digital poster comic. The whole comic is on one piece of paper, and I chose not to use panels because I wanted all the drawings to be seen together in one atmosphere. I used a computer software called sketchbook to create my comic.  

The genre of my comic depends on how it is perceived. The comic could be perceived as funny and, therefore, it would be comedy. The comic features a fuzzy monster, and it is unclear if he is an alien too. So this comic could also be science fiction. 

I chose to include a lot of background information to add context to the story. I wanted to make the comic flow together so I had the artwork flow chronologically through time. Some of the comic visually flows well together and some of the other artwork is in a random order. 

I chose to do this comic on a computer because it made it easier to incorporate my ideas. For example, I was able to duplicate the monster several times. This would have been hard to do with paper and a pencil. I also wanted to use my mouse to create the artwork. That way it is more authentic to my style. 

The first thing you see when you look at the comic is a bunch of fuzzy monsters, a plane and an explosion. All together it might be hard to understand, and that is why it makes it a comic. Because it takes viewer participation and careful analysis of each drawing. 

About Mitchell Delmage

Multimedia Journalism
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