Putting It All Together: Sabrina Hoenes

Me by Sabrina Hoenes

For my final comic I decided to use a different program. Instead of using Illustrator like I had in the previous weeks. I decided to use an application called Procreate. The reason why I decided to change programs is because I felt that I could make the comic more ambitious. I also used this program in order to convey my personal drawing style, because I was not able to achieve this using Illustrator. The prompt for this final comic was challenging for me because of how open ended it was. So I decided to take it quite literally and base it of my personal experience with struggling with my identity.

The idea / purpose of this comic was inspired by this reading that I had in my Chicano/a studies class. The reading was about how some young latinos struggle with their identity. This really resonated with me because, growing up I was always judged by my looks and race, making me feel forced to confirm to Western / European beauty standards.

For form, I just chose to stay with the traditional box panels, because I felt using other panels wouldn’t achieve the look I was going for. for this step as well, me using digital, and more of a comic page instead of a comic strip form, helped me accomplish and fulfill this step.

For idiom, I’m not entirely too sure or if I even achieved accomplishing this step. But Scott McCloud stated in our assigned reading, that the comic could be a genre of its own. I feel that my comic could fall under that, or it could even fall under a “real life” genre, because it is based off my personal experience.

For the structure step, as stated before, I stuck to a more traditional sense and structure of a comic. Very simple panels and very easy to follow story flow and flow of time.

For the craft, I used digital tools and programs. I used a variety of brushes to create textures that I wanted and to create more diverse backgrounds. I also used a limited variety of colors. I felt that using less is more, and the pallet I used for this comic set the mood I was going for in each panel. I also downloaded other brushes because some of the pre-installed brushes didn’t have the effect or texture I was looking for. I also used layer masks to erase portions of my background, so I don’t accidentally compromise my line work.

For the last step, surface, I am not quite sure this step was really fulfilled. In some panels I used a “glitter” brush just to further convey the main protagonist’s happiness. I feel that I didn’t really using anything that gives my final composition a “finish”.

The reason why this comic is more ambitious to the previous two is because I used more techniques. Unlike the first comic, I used more variety in brushes and I used more color. In comparison to the second comic, I used more shading and highlighting techniques. I also used more brushes with different texture and effects. I feel that this comic embodies my previous comics and in a sense combined those two comics and used what I learned to successfully create this one.

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