Putting it all together: Henry Igwala

“All a dream” by Henry Igwala

For my week 15 comic I chose to illustrate what I go through almost every single day. Scott Mcloud says, “no other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside,” (McCloud, 194). So I felt that this is a great example of something I go through without the knowledge of anybody else.

The first step to expressing myself is purpose, according to Scott Mcloud. A little backstory is that I sleep A LOT. I sleep at least 15 hours a day in a 24 hour period. I don’t sleep 15 hours straight, more like every two to three hours. I often get really detailed dreams that seem so realistic. My dreams sometimes feel more real then when I am awake. I can taste food in my dreams, hear sounds, in my dreams, and worst of it all, I can feel pain in my dreams. Ever since the pandemic I’ve had nothing to do so sleeping was my getaway drug. It takes me to places I can only imagine, taste the finest foods, and enjoy my imaginary paradise. Although I may be addicted to slumber like a crackhead on crack, it keeps me sane. The last panel panel represents how I feel when I wake up and realize what I just experienced was all a dream. All my achievements, my endeavors, friends, enemies and memories were all a figment of my imagination. My wife and kids are gone, the brand new Benz I bought, gone, the years that passed by in my dreams end up just me being asleep for a couple hours. I realize that I now have to live in the dark, unforgivable, world until I sleep again. All in all, the purpose is to illustrate my everyday life; conscious and unconscious.

The second step to expressing myself, according to Scott Mcloud is form. The form that I chose to use was illustrator. I would have handrawn the comic but illustrator allows me to create different effects and distortions. Also I am pretty bad at hand drawn so I feel like my comic would be easier to understand using Illustrator. I feel like I am comfortable using illustrator now, compared to the beginning of the semester. More specifically I used the pen tool to draw objects and characters, while I use the shape tools for the backgrounds and other small miscellaneous items.

The third step is Idiom. The genre of my content would be comedy. All though the true meaning is real and serious I wanted to create some sort of comedic aspect to it. I tried to do this by giving my character the catch phrase “Dang”. The character repeats this phrase throughout the comic.

The fourth step is structure. I didn’t structure my comic in any specific way, instead I just put three examples in the first three panels. The fourth panel, however, was structured at the end to show the end of my adventures.

The fifth step is about craft. I tried to perfect my craft by making things a little easier for me. I did this by copy and pasting some of my objects instead of recreating them. Some examples of this are my character’s hair, and the wheels on the car.

The sixth and final step is surface. It is the most appreciated step by the audience because it is the most visible step. I tried to adhere to this step by adding gradients and different textures and bright colors to make the surface of my comic seem beautiful. 

This comic is more ambitious than my previous two because this one is an illustration of my life. It is hard to explain in words what I go through, and I think this comic does that for me.

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