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Putting it all together: Henry Igwala

For my week 15 comic I chose to illustrate what I go through almost every single day. Scott Mcloud says, “no other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside,” (McCloud, 194). So I … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Henry Igwala

For my second blog I chose to use a combination of words and pictures to convey my story. I used interdependent word picture combinations for my comic because there are times when you can only use words to get your … Continue reading

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Weekly Comic: Living in Line: Henry Igwala

For blog I have decided to create some type of abstract comic to display emotions using lines and contrast. The emotions that I wanted to convey invisibly were happiness and sadness. I wanted to tell a story of how people … Continue reading

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Graphic novel review: Henry Igwala

The graphic novel that I chose to read was American born Chinese by Guen Lueng Lang. This was a unique novel as it had 3 different storylines, which were random and unrelated to each other until the end.  The first … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative comics: Henry Igwala

The comic I chose to write about was “Survivor Tales: Eye over Houston”, by David Lasky. I enjoyed this comic because it was entertaining, informing and based off a true story. In Lasky’s comic, I was able to find elements … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Henry Igwala

The Graphic Novel I will be discussing about is American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. This interests me because I remember this book from when I was around 10 years ago. My brother had the book but I never … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Henry Igwala

My comic was motivated by my love for sports. So I tried to illustrate that in my comic to convey a story. I tried to make my comic seem colorful with a variety of different colors, tones and textures. This … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Henry Igwala

On the first day of scanning I brought a couple items which included a t-shirt, gum wrapper, and a picture of a snail. The first thing I printed in the CDSC was The camouflage shirt. It looked really great on … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Henry Igwala

Our first project was to create a hand drawn comic. I found this part of the project easy because there were literally no guidelines other than to create a comic from hand. This gave me the ability to draw whatever … Continue reading

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