Closure and Time Frames: Henry Igwala

The Graphic Novel I will be discussing about is American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. This interests me because I remember this book from when I was around 10 years ago. My brother had the book but I never read it as I just usually would flip through the pages to look at the artwork, so the nostalgia and artwork are the main reasons I chose this book. I requested a copy from the library, which will take a few days but for now all I have to work with is the pdf version.

One example of closure is in the scene the bridge that the character has on suddenly collapses. On the next page it continues to show the character fall, with remains of the bridge following him. On the third panel it shows that the bridge remains have trapped the character. This would be scene to scene as there are things that happened in between the scenes that the author wants the reader to infer.

Subject to Subject

There is not really easy to identify time frames in this book like there is in McClouds book. I chose this example because there is no specific order that this should be read as they all convey the same thing with different examples. The character is sulking throughout the numerous activities he does throughout the day, which can be interpreted in any order the reader chooses. McCloud says this invites viewer participation.

Time Frame

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