Closure & Time Frames: Amanda Retchless

The graphic novel that I found is the Archie Comics. I find these really interesting because one of the shows I watch is based off of the Archie Comics. That show being Riverdale. The Archie Comics are in the art style of cartoons. I think that the Archie Comics are more of a cartoon than the Marvel comics. I really like how the comic has bright colors and it seems as if the characters are alive and super relatable. I think that the Archie Comics are super funny and uplifting and I love that everyone is so positive and happy. I have volume one and I think that this comic is moment-to-moment, scene-to-scene, action-to-action, and subject-to-subject. I think that it is moment-to-moment because of the way the comic is arranged. The comic flows and carries on like it is telling a story, but through pictures and drawings, but it has a smooth transition between each moment and each frame. I think that this comic is scene-to-scene because it has a certain setting, and that setting being the high school at which all of the characters attend. I think action-to-action because there is a lot of motion and speech that happens in the Archie Comics. The Archie Comics is a comedy and most of the time the characters are always making jokes, showing movement and advancement in the story. 

One interesting example for time frames is this scene from the Archie Comics. In this scene the overall question is where and who ate the food. I think that this scene is interesting because of the terminology that the characters are using and because the Jughead ate all of the food. This made me laugh out loud and have to put the comic down and take a breath before I was able to continue reading. I think that this is a good example of a time frame because the reader had to take some time to process what was happening and react to it.

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