Closure and Time Frames: Anthony Sanchez

A graphic novel that I’m reading for this course is called Sweet Tooth: Book One. The book is written by Jeff Lemire and it’s about a boy named Gus who is a human-deer hybrid. He then escapes from his home with a guy named Jeppered, in order to take him to a safe place for him. The graphic novel itself has different moments of closure. But this particular scene it’s a moment to moment scenario. It’s a moment to moment scene because it goes from scene to scene within a few seconds from one another. But it overall gives the visual of slowing down time to explain what’s happening. Showing us that this a moment to moment visual.

Jeff Lemire graphic novel “Sweet Tooth,” pg. 68
Jeff Lemire graphic novel” Sweet Tooth,” pg. 51

For my following example it’s a scene in the story were some people were going to kidnapped and potentially kill Gus. But Jeppered intervened and saved Gus. But he was badly injured, and blood was pouring everywhere. But the blood it makes focus in a certain direction and read out “Sweet Tooth Out of The Deep Part Two.” The Author in this scene really makes you focus on the blood that he lost and makes you read what he wants you to focus on. Making me believe that the time frame is meant to be read in a unique way.

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