Northwest Alternative Comics: Luis Trejo

The comic that I decided to write about from the WSU Museum Collection Study Center is Life Lines by Mita Mahato. I was interested when I was looking through the book because it was not a regular comic book, none like I have read or seen before. The comic was a small book that required the viewer to think about what is going on as the panels go forward. It is not easy to understand what is happening because it does not come out and say it, instead it uses abstract messages to convey a certain message.

The texture of the book was rough and smooth, the cover looked as if it was made of cardboard while the inside of the book was marked out of recycled paper. The comic book did not have any color that was used throughout the entirety of the comic. There were many shapes and lines that were being displayed throughout the whole comic book. Each page of the comic was its own panel which made it easy to read because it was a basic horizontal direction. There were many different examples of unity in the comic.

Life Lines By Mita Mahato

Because the comic didn’t have any color and used many shapes and abstract panels throughout the sequence, it made me feel as if there was a hidden message or many hidden messages. Just by reading the words, it is hard to understand what is going on, the artwork in the panels threw me off but I believe that taking more time to understand why they are present may help in understanding the meaning for creating the comic. One example of time frame was the first few panels, there was a moment to moment sequence the was presented, that showed the process of creating the number four. Because there is no color and a large amount of negative space, it puts emphasis in the motion to motion.

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