Physical to Virtual: Henry Igwala

On the first day of scanning I brought a couple items which included a t-shirt, gum wrapper, and a picture of a snail. The first thing I printed in the CDSC was The camouflage shirt. It looked really great on the computer so I think it will end up being a great background or texture. At first I scanned it wrinkled and then I realized that it might look better straightened out.

Now that I have learned more about scanning and resolution, I now have an idea of what I should bring. Items that I have thought about bringing now is my LSU beanie, some macaroni, and some slippers to scan. I think they will be valuable to my collage because they provide texture and visuals that I think will help me convey a story. The beanie has a tiger on it that I think will look nice, and the slippers have nice grooves and colors that I think will be a great addition to my collage.

Camo Shirt
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