Physical to Virtual: Jon Preng

For our first scanning day at the CDSC, I brought in some random items such as a carbon fiber textile, a leather wallet and a variety of metal. I was focusing most on different types of texture to give my collage a unique design to use as a background.

            Now that I know more about scanning and resolution, I can pretty much scan any item that is relatively flat. After seeing what other students brought in, it gave me an idea about what to do for my project. I want to create something that represents me and a big part of my life: basketball. For this idea, I will scan different clothing garments (basketball shorts, jerseys, t-shirts, socks) as well as other pieces that have interesting texture. I would like to scan a basketball, but it would be difficult to since it’s not flat. As a solution, I will scan my brown leather wallet and I am hoping that it will result in the same effect.

            I think these items will be interesting to use in my collage because the basketball-related clothes are made of different fabric, colors and logos. Combining these items will put together a colorful design, which is the concept I am going for. I would like to visually please the audience with bright colors and textures that are related to basketball.

            Thinking about Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics,” I will have to make a collage that supports his definition about “comics.” Aside from the basketball garments, I would also like to include pictures (hand-drawn or pictures that I capture myself) and words (short phrases, basketball noises and descriptions).

            The specific items that I plan to scan outside of class are below:

Photo by Jon Preng, February 2020

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