Physical to Virtual: Edison Soliman

During the first day of scanning, I brought a few items that I thought would be able to be scannable and that meant a lot to me. Some of the items included a bracelet that my Mom gave to me before I left for college that is supposedly blessed. As well as a watch that is a great representation of my Dad since he loves watches. I also planned to scan some WSU gear such as my lanyard and this key chain that a friend I made during college gave to me. I also have some patches of the Filipino and California flag that I would like to scan. Unfortunately some objects are not able to be scanned on the scanning bed so I plan to just take a photo of them and crop them out. One example of this is my water bottle which is pretty big and round so I would be pretty difficult to keep in place while scanning.

Bracelet and Water Bottle by Edison Soliman, February 2020

For my collage I plan to tell a story of my life through the objects that are most important to me. More specifically I may attempt to tell the story of my life after deciding to transfer to a college across the state from where my parents live which was a huge jump and transition for my life. I will most likely scan some photos of my parents and I to bring in more background information around some of the items such as the bracelet because without any context it is just a bracelet. For this project, I plan to follow Linda Barry instead of the traditional comic panel layout. The reason why I choose to follow her way is because I believe with a collage it should look like a mess with message hidden within. I also just really like the stylistic look of a collage and believe that they are just as good at telling stories.

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