Physical to Virtual: Daylon Hicks

On the first day that scanning was introduced to me, I decided to bring my Cougar Card. It may have seem common and bland to bring it, but the reason I decided that bringing my Cougar Card was essential towards scanning was because on how easy it is to scan it and how it tells a story. I feel like my card tells the story on how I came in life and how I made it to college. I also plan on scanning more items like perhaps my Gatorade bottle to represent how I’m doing sports at Washington State and my Pop head toys that my mother gave to me. The problem with my Pop Head toys is that its too big to scan. My strategy behind this is that I can take picture of it and crop them out. My strategy with project one is to scan all things are essential to my life. I wanted to use family pictures but I can’t due to me not having the real picture. Overall, using photoshop was a long process, but I learned a lot through the tutorials. It provides numerous of options that helps me throughout my project.

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