Physical to Virtual: Erin Rockwood

For the first scanning day I brought items from my room that either had sentimental value or that I thought would have a cool texture. Among this I also brought 3-dimensional items like a plastic skull and figurines because I thought I might be able to scan those. My second day I kept with items that could be scanned, like the feathers and my sand dollar. Other items I brought include a drawing a friend did for me in my junior year of high school that I kept, I like the idea of physical art being translated to digital form, it makes people think “how did they do this digitally?” I also brought some synthetic leaves because I thought the texture would look cool on a page. This is true for my pressed flowers as well, I pressed those at the beginning of last semester and have kept them since then.

Scanning was easy, but difficult. The scanner I was on kept freaking out over me opening the files while scanning, so I had to wait longer to get everything together. It was fun to see how some thing would relate to the scanning, like the crystal I scanned and the sand dollar.

I didn’t, however, have a story in mind when bringing my items, after the first and second scanning I want to add a character to my items to place them in my project to create a story. After seeing some of the other examples I want to include notebook paper as a background to make it look more like a doodle I did while bored in classes. I also want to include some digital text to stand out and make an anomaly type feeling.

My scanned sand dollar.
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