Weekly Comic: Living in Line: Henry Igwala

For blog I have decided to create some type of abstract comic to display emotions using lines and contrast. The emotions that I wanted to convey invisibly were happiness and sadness. I wanted to tell a story of how people may seem happy at first but you never really know what’s going on inside.

The technique I used was to create two opposite faces with one line. This created the illusion that there is only one face until you turn the comic upside down, then you will see the opposite emotion. The nature of my tools helped greatly with my image quality. I used Illustrator which is a great tool to use when you want to create anything with lines. What I noticed using digital is that it is harder to draw something you want very specifically compared to free hand drawing, but with digital you can create a lot more detail.

Closure is taken place in my image when you see the dots and lines and create a face out of those few shapes and lines. I don’t really work inventively with time in this comic because there is not really a motion of time in my comic.

Weekly comic created on Illustrator by Henry Igwala
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