Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Ivan Franco

Weekly Comic 1 Living in Line, Ivan Franco, Illustrator.

With this comic I wanted to do a simple story that had a satisfying twist at the end. For this comic nothing much happens except the bomb exploding. But in the third panel I wanted to subvert expectations and have the bomb explode the panel. exploding the panel adds a new layer to the comic and explores the line work that the comic focuses on.

First, the bomb is a simple cartoon and the spark is already lit. But as the bomb anticipates the explosion, the stroke and line of the bomb becomes thicker and larger, showing the exaggeration of the build up.

Secondly, the final panel is destroyed and shows that the bomb does even more damage than anticipated. I used this have more room to experiment with the concept of line. I used a rough looking brush to show the burn damage on the panel and not just a broken panel.

For this comic I used Adobe Illustrator, I used the letter print for web and online format. All of the layers are done digitally, but a pre-visual was drawn to give me an idea of where to draw and reference.

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