Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Luis Trejo

Week 14 Comic By Luis Trejo

For this week’s comic, I wanted to create something that I have never attempted before and wanted to use words to help paint the picture of each panel. I did this by using the type tool, changed the fill color, and made many copies of the words until it filled the object. The one word-picture combination that I was shooting for that was in McCloud’s book is the montage combination. Therefore, I wanted to use words and color to help describe what the reader is looking at instead of the usual coloring that we are used to seeing. I found that after adding all the words to the background, the whole panel became crammed and maybe a bit too crowded, it has a unique look compared to other comics that I have made before.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the comic this week. I wanted to create a story line that was not too complex because I found that all the words can be distracting, and I did not want to add a complex story line that just adds to the confusion. I enjoy the final product and find that the lines and words work well together in the way that I combined them. Because I was working with Adobe Illustrator, one thing that I observed is that creating the montage combination with the words and the picture was easy to create because of the copy and paste tools, they are all the same size. I do not think the visual wood look as good on paper because there is no way of copying and pasting with paper and pencil so the words would all look different from one another. The words are also behind the lines throughout the comic, something that would be hard to do when working with paper and pencil.

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