Living in Line: Daylon Hicks

My strategy for my Week 13 comic is to correlate my ideas for the comic and Scott McCloud idea of “the invisible realm of senses and emotions.” The emotions that I want to convey in this comic will be about anger and confused because of the coronavirus. My idea for this comic is feature me but dealing with the coronavirus. In the end, I want the message to display on how to stay inside and how I am confused and frustrated on how to stay inside.  Due to struggles with accessing Photoshop, I would like to use the hands-on method. I believe I can just use crayons and outside resources like leaves. It would be easier that way and I can also convey to the audience what the comic means.  The word “INSIDE” shows how there is confusedness and anger because of the crazy shapes and colors that show how confused life is right now for everyone. The crazy red, blue, and purple lines represent the chaotic energy from being inside and how the mind can possibly lose sanity because of being inside for so long. The circle at the bottom represent the actual disease for COVID-19 and how it represents the devil because it is taking people lives. The anger face at the bottom left represents people’s reaction to stay inside and their plans being ruined. People staying inside for a long people of time is not normal.

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