Print Versus Digital Comic: Henry Igwala

Our first project was to create a hand drawn comic. I found this part of the project easy because there were literally no guidelines other than to create a comic from hand. This gave me the ability to draw whatever came to my mind. My drawing skills are not that great so I went for a simplistic design that was both humorous and reflected the hardships we go through in life. Creating a digital comic was a whole different story. I found that creating a digital comic was easier in some ways and harder in others. The main difference was the ability to add color to my comic which I felt made my comic come alive. The difficulties was trying to draw with the mouse. I tried using Illustrator to create it but I found that to be too complex, so I ended up using Microsoft paint which deemed easier to use. I found another benefit was to be able to zoom in and create little details that you could not do with a pencil. This helped me tremendously as it allowed me to put more content in my comic compared to my hand drawn comic.

Reading Chapter 1 of “Understanding Comic” by Scott McCloud helped me realize that there is no specific way to create a comic. It taught me that all comics do not have to be the typical frames with text bubbles. Thats what allowed me to create this different idea visualizing how my days is with music compared to without music as I feel like music helps me deal with a lot of issues from boredom to anger. I also learned about sequential art and realized that my hand drawn comic could fall into that category. As I progress further in this class I will find it interesting to compare the beginning of my journey to the end.

Hand Drawn Comic by Henry Igwala, January 2020
Digital Comic by Henry Igwala, January 2020
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