Print Versus Digital Comic: Anh Ngo

Print Comic by Anh Ngo, January 2020

For the blog, I designed two comics that tell both a short story and a brief introduction about who I am.

The first comic is a drawn comic that focuses on a narrator’s perspective. By having two different fonts, it enables the viewers to easily differentiate the narrator’s voice versus my voice. The tools that I used when creating this comic is a fine black gel pen, a flat black calligraphy pen, and a white cardstock paper. Rather than using different colored pens, I varied the pressure of my pen to add shadow and depth to each character and object.

In the comic, my character is being introduced as a person whose hobby consists of arts and crafts. It also briefly depicts how despite my being bilingual, I don’t exactly enjoy socializing much with others.

Digital Comic by Anh Ngo, January 2020

For my second comic, I used the tools found on With this free software, I was able to search up “stickers” and shapes and combine them together to form each character/object. Not only that, I was able to copy and paste the characters and objects to the next panel.

In the comic, the story is about me and my cat. Whenever she is sleeping, I would always try to sneak my way up to her to snuggle with her. Most of the time, she would wake up, ignore me, and just leave. She also really like sitting on my head or even my face when I am laying down.

When making the two comics, based on my previous skills, I personally find it much easier to create a drawn comic than a digital one. I have used digital tools to design posters and flyers before, however, I feel more comfortable when I have a pen/pencil in my hand than a mouse. With digital tools, it’s typically manipulating shapes and you are able to easily move/cut/change the design easily without a mess. When doing it right, I am able to keep the size of the character(s)/object(s) consistent. But with pen and paper, I can freely draw out certain lines and shapes that I am unable to draw out with the digital tool.

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