Print VS Digital Comic: Sabrina Hoenes

Digital Comic

The benefits of a digital comic is that it allows me to make more mistakes and I can experiment more. It allows me to adjust sizes and ratios and to edit as I go. Digital also allows me to play with my colors more and allows me to give my work a more complete look. I could also copy and paste my work for the different panels, like for example my bear character, I could copy and paste and adjust the character as needed for my panel. The drawbacks of digital is that I have to rely on technology, it can malfunction and not save my progress. The program could also crash or the device I am working on could die if I am not paying attention.

Print Comic

The benefits of a hand drawn comic is that it allows for more critical thinking. For hand drawn I really had to think through placement and my color scheme, even though I went monochromatic. The drawbacks of hand drawn is that there is little room for error , there is no undo button and when I erase you can still faintly see what was there before. There is also the risk of losing my work or forgetting to bring it to work/class, if i had digital I could have multiple backups and not worry.

As I was reading the first chapter it didn’t really give me ideas for creating my comic, it just reaffirmed the basic ideas I had of comics. For example Scott McCloud stated that I don’t necessarily need to use words, but for both comics I decided to use captions/words because I felt that some of my panels needed it. However the reading did make me think about the use of color. Scott made it seem that comics don’t need to be fully flourished and that I could do a more simple color blocking over being super detailed with adding shadows and highlights.

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