Print Versus Digital Comic: Edison Soliman

My experience while I was creating my comic on print was a completely different experience versus creating my comic on a computer. The comic that I created was just a short introduction of myself to the class. I created four separate panels with the first one just about where I am at in the school year. The next was about my future goals, the third was my hobbies, and finally, the last one was a short fun fact that I love pugs. As I was creating the print comic I found it very relaxing due to the fact that I love to doodle and make art by hand. I didn’t seem to run into many issues except for the more artistic ones such as getting the right perspective and such. Also, I just felt like I had more control over what I was able to draw on a piece of print rather than a computer. 

Hand-drawn comic by Edison Soliman, January 2020

The digital comic I created was just a recreation of the print comic. As I created the digital comic, I knew I had to dumb down the art style a bit because of how I was completely inexperienced with photoshop tools. I looked up tutorials in order to get the basics of a comic down such as making boxes for the images and circles for faces. There were just too many functions in photoshop that it took me almost twenty minutes just to make the boxes for the comic. I will say that when comparing them side by side, I enjoy the clean look that the digital piece has over the print. Overall I did have a better experience working on print than digitally, but hopefully, with more practice and tutorials, I should have an easier time working on comics in the future. 

Digital comic by Edison Soliman, January 2020

I found that my comic gave more gestural mode through the panels showing me hitting a tennis ball, thinking about my future, and holding the pug up in praise. I, unfortunately, could not express much visual mode, especially in the digital comic as it didn’t contain any color or special handwriting in the speech bubbles. I didn’t have much aural mode as well due to the fact that there weren’t any sound effects. If I were to redo it right now I would give the pug a noise and the tennis ball a bouncing effect. After reading chapter one of “Understanding Comics” I was shown many different styles and forms that comics could take. The layouts where one box could go on to be two pages, speech bubbles can carry on to the next panel, etc. I hope to incorporate more of these styles into my future works.

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