Print Versus Digital Comic: Zackary Reynolds

I drew two comics, but I had trouble thinking about what I wanted to make for the comics. The reason why I was having trouble is because I am not very creative, and I am not very good at drawing/creating things. But after a while of thinking for the hand drawn comic I decided on doing an introduction for myself. So, I drew a stick figure of myself for the first frame saying my name to introduce myself. In the second frame I said something I like which is handstands. In the last frame I drew myself again but in a handstand.

I came up with the idea of my second comic because I was procrastinating on doing a writing assignment because I do not enjoy writing. The comic has two frames. The first frame is me saying “Oof I have to write” with the laptop open to a word document. For the second frame it is me saying “I will just do it later :)” which is showing that I was procrastinating on writing.

For the hand drawn comic, it felt like I had more freedom hand drawing the comic than it did when I used Paint on my computer. But I think the comic I made on the computer looked better than the hand drawn one.

The difference from reading a comic from online and on paper is that reading a comic online can take away from the sequence the frames are put in. The sequence of the frames can affect how you decide to read the comic.

I made my digital comic before reading the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”. But I can see how reading it first can help getting ideas. The first gives examples of different comics and defines what a comic is.

Hand drawn comic 2020
comic made using MC Paint 2020
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