Print Versus Digital Comic: Kylie Michael

Drawn by Kylie Michael, January 2020
Designed by Kylie Michael, January 2020

Making a comic was something new to me. I have never made a comic before so this was all a learning experience. The first comic was my hand drawn comic. I had fun with this one. I was able to draw what I wanted and work on all the details. I used paper, markers, and colored pencils. Then I made a digital comic. This was much harder for me, I wasn’t able to get everything the same way I wanted. This was all brand new. I am not used to working on a computer so I had to take time to figure it out, unlike drawing where I was able to just get started. I used google slides to make a table and then I spent about an hour and a half playing with the tools to start my comic. I had to make a much simpler comic due to not having the skills. I still created a comic that I am extremely proud of. Both comics show different sides of my not only in the comic itself but in the process of making them as well.

When reading a comic I find it very different between paper and digital. With paper you have more of a chance to look at all the fine details and it can be made with many more techniques. With the digital comics I feel it is easier to just rush through them. I don’t feel that I read them at the same rate. Print helps me focus more on the artwork, I feel.

As for the reading from Scott McCloud I don’t really think I changed my comic. I think it only made me think me about what a comic is and how it goes together. I was more aware of my sequential art and the information being convey but it did not change my artwork or form.

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