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Putting It All Together: Zackary Reynolds

For my last comic I decided to make something more personal to myself. The purpose of my comic this week is to show about the day I met my girlfriend in real life. The reason why it is more personal to me … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Zackary Reynolds

For the week fourteen comic I chose to do my typical afternoon. The reason why I chose to do my afternoon is because last week I did my morning routine. The reason why I used interdependent word-picture combinations is because I had to for the assignment. The … Continue reading

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Living In Line: Zackary Reynolds

For my first weekly comic I based it off my mornings. I usually have my alarm go off two times in the morning. The first alarm at 7:00 and the second one at 7:05 to remind me to get up. I was hoping to convey the … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Review: Zackary Reynolds

The graphic novel I chose to read for the semester was RUST BELT from Sean Knickerbocker. The graphic novel is about negative things in life like frustration and disappointment. The first example of disappointment is in the first chapter where the character Kurt likes another character named Ashley. Kurt was planning … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative Comics: Zackary Reynolds

The example I decided to use from the WSU Museum Collection Study Center from the Northwest Alternative comics collection was one from Max Clotfelter. I chose this page because it the ending was unexpecting. A design element it used was lines. Some of the … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Zackary Reynolds

The graphic novel I chose is a new graphic novel RUST BELT by Sean Knickerbocker which was published on June 11, 2019. The closure I chose to show is an aspect-to-aspect closure. An aspect-to-aspect closure means nothing happens and it is used to establish a mood or a sense of the place of the frames … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Zackary Reynolds

My creative motivations were things that I enjoyed and some things in my life. I wanted my comic to have a simplistic look but at the same time have a texture look to it. The way my comic fits into McCloud’s definition of what comics are is … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Zackary & Reynolds

I brought a few things to the CDSC for class to scan. I tried to bring things that represented things from my life. The first thing I brought to class was my WSU beanie. The reason why the beanie represents a part of my life is … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Zackary Reynolds

I drew two comics, but I had trouble thinking about what I wanted to make for the comics. The reason why I was having trouble is because I am not very creative, and I am not very good at drawing/creating … Continue reading

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