Physical to Virtual: Zackary & Reynolds

I brought a few things to the CDSC for class to scan. I tried to bring things that represented things from my life. The first thing I brought to class was my WSU beanie. The reason why the beanie represents a part of my life is because I go to WSU and it gets cold here. The second thing I brought to class was my workout gloves. The workout gloves represent that I enjoy working out. I only use them when my wrists are sore, so I do not injure my wrists. The type of workout I enjoy is calisthenics. Calisthenics is like body weight exercises for example handstand pushups. The last things I brought were playing cards and UNO cards. The cards are supposed to represent that I like playing games. Even though I do not play many card games and I usually just play online games. I still think the cards can represent games and provide more texture than if I just took an image from the game I play. 

Scanned by Zackary Reynolds, February 2020

Some of the things I plan to bring to scan is one of my t-shirts, a piece of cardboard, and maybe something from outside like a leaf or something. The reason why I think a t-shirt and a piece of cardboard would be good is because it will provide more texture to the project. I will be able to use the cardboard as a background image. For my t-shirt I can use the lettering and the design on it in my project. The reason why I think these would be interesting is because they will provide more texture and depth to the comic. I can scan things from outside to show I enjoy the outside. The things I enjoy outside is walking around and hanging out with friends. 

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