Physical to Virtual: Ruby Hopkins

I collected several items from my dorm room like polaroid photographs, letters from home, and an image of my parents on their wedding day as a way to start telling a story of my life, a more in depth and personal introduction into my life . As we started the scanning process, I instantly had more ideas for items to scan that would add on nicely to my comic collage story, I had no idea how creative and broad we could get with our ideas and items for scanning so I immediately got excited about how intricate and creative I could get with this project.

Mom and Dad By: Ruby Hopkins

I plan on telling a story of my life growing up, my family, and all the little factors in my life that have made me who I am today. So, in addition to the items I have already collected, I want to scan memorable items I have brought with me to collage that tell a little story of my childhood and can better explain how I have become the person I am today. Whether it be art pieces, pencils, items from my sport, and more. I have this specific idea of scanning logos, because I was a part of so many sport programs, or the logo of my schools growing up, I think these would be a cool way of showing the programs and organizations that shaped me into who I am today. Art is also a huge part of my life, so I would love to bring in some of my art works and scan those. And then add in parts of my family to make my story and images more personal and meaningful to me. While the photo collage comic is less traditional to what many way categorize as a “comic” it will be important that all my collage images can flow nicely together and tell a story.

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