Physical to Virtual: Madison West

Peacock Card Scanning by Madison West, February 2020
Student Entertainment Board Sticker Scanning by Madison West, February 2020

On the first day of class when we were in the CDSC, I brought a sticker from where I work at the Student Entertainment Board note written to me by one of my best friends Emily, a card my Nana sent me, a few backstage passes from different shows I have been to this past year, and my business cards. After practicing with the scanner, I hope to bring something that I write on a piece of paper. I think that if I bring in a poem that I wrote (I think I will be able to find one that I wrote out in high school), I will be able to showcase both the texture that I want my project to have and it will also bring in things from my upbringing, instead of just current things. I also want to find some old tickets (movie or concert) and maybe a few old pictures (that I don’t have digital copies of). I think that these things would add a lot of personality to my project that current objects could not bring.

I think that these are all objects that are interesting for my digital comics collage because they are all important aspects of who I am as an individual. After deciding to focus on things that are important to making up who I am, I was able to add more texture to the scan. I really think that the amount of details the scanner can pick up, especially regarding the texture of each piece that I plan on scanning, makes this project really interesting. Since a lot of the things I want to scan are pretty flat, but still have texture, I think that it will be interesting to see how the depth of things like a journal, or backstage passes (with the lanyard attached), or even something like a Rubik cube will add to the entire comic as a whole.

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