Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Zackary Reynolds

For the week fourteen comic I chose to do my typical afternoon. The reason why I chose to do my afternoon is because last week I did my morning routine. The reason why I used interdependent word-picture combinations is because I had to for the assignment. The way I decided to do this is by having pretty simple shapes for the frames and add text so the reader could see what the character is thinking about and put together what the character is doing. I also used duo-specific word picture combinations on frame three. The way I did this is by you can see the character resting but the character is also thinking that it is time to rest therefore they are conveying the same information. I also kind of used montage combination on the last frame by just adding the words into the frame on the papers and on the laptop I made. 

The tools I used were the shape tools. The reason why I wanted to use the shape tools mostly because I wanted the simple effects that I could easily make with them. The shapes also make the words more important to read to see what is happening. I also used the brush tool to create a writing illusion on the papers. I realized that naming the things you use is helpful for if you need to change something in the future. 

I used subject-to-subject closure for the second frame. The way I did it for frame two is by having the same character three times to convey motion that the person is doing a handstand pushup. For the fourth frame I used the closure aspect-to-aspect. The way I did this was by having this but not really conveying any real amount of time besides having the frame bigger. 

The way I work with time is by changing the sizes of the frames. The first and third frame are the shortest in time and I show this by having them smaller than the others. The last frame that shows schoolwork is supposed to be a longer length of time to show the amount of time I work on schoolwork. 

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