Show and Tell: Alexandria Bachmann

“Firefly” by Alexandria Bachmann

My comic uses inter-dependent word picture combinations Through the relationship between the visuals and the text coming together to create an entire story. Without one you can kind of assume what’s happening but the text confirms what the visuals are saying

I Think that my comic could potentially be duo-specific as the text and visuals line up together and the text amplifies the visuals however I don’t believe it is additive, parallel, or montage based on McClouds definitions of each. 

The tools and techniques are used to create this comic including shading, line work, texture work, and the manipulation of visual light. And I think the specific nature of the tools that I used affected my visual presentation in that it’s a realistic scenario with I believe realistic dialogue that is representational of the situation.

In terms of closure taking place in between the panels of my comic I think that while there is a little bit it shows more of a transition of time between the panels as the visuals progress. People can infer what is taking place in between the panels as they are sequential and easily related to one another so in that sense I think there is a strong sense of closure implied throughout the panels and visuals.

Truthfully I don’t think my use of time was inventive throughout this comic as it’s very sequential and easy to follow one thing I did try was in the last two panels was to almost combined them into one situation with the emphasis being on the action within panel four and a gloss over of panel five as I think panel five brings a complete closure but it’s not of any true importance to the comic besides representing the end.

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