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Putting It All Together: Alexandria Bachmann

So I went a little bit off topic in terms of I focused more on the idea of individuality in the terms of technology and social media and how people who choose not to interact on the platforms such as … Continue reading

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Show and Tell: Alexandria Bachmann

My comic uses inter-dependent word picture combinations Through the relationship between the visuals and the text coming together to create an entire story. Without one you can kind of assume what’s happening but the text confirms what the visuals are … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Alexandria Bachmann

I was attempting to convey the progression of time and expectation. On the left side of the page I wanted to represent youth, beginnings, exploration, and a lack of definition and clarity. In contrast on the right side I wanted … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative Comics: Alexandria Bachmann

This is a set of panels from Apocalypse Dad by Taylor Dow. Dow uses multiple elements within his work. In terms of elements Dow uses a very consistent line shape. All of the drawn elements are made of of these … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Alexandria Bachmann

The graphic novel I chose was Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling by Tony Cliff. I predominately chose this novel because of the graphic style, story, and the feeling of the paper(as I can’t stand old rough paper…gives me awful … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comics Collage: Alexandria Bachmann

My creative motivations came from taking textures and making something new out of them. I didn’t want to just take an object/scan/texture for what it was i wanted to force it to become something else. The aesthetic experience I was … Continue reading

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Physical to virtual: Alexandria Bachmann

The materials I brought to the first Scanning day included different texture cards of metal, wood, and other hard composites. The backings of all the cards were wood and had either burnt engravings, painted lettering, or metal engraving. Additionally I … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Alexandria Bachmann

Both my hand drawn and digital drawings were made in similar ways as I use a tablet to draw digitally. The main differences exist in my ability to create straight lines within a digital format more easily, shading/blending is easier, … Continue reading

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