Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Alexandria Bachmann

I was attempting to convey the progression of time and expectation. On the left side of the page I wanted to represent youth, beginnings, exploration, and a lack of definition and clarity. In contrast on the right side I wanted to represent maturity, sureness, and the idea of something existing as it’s meant to or at its peak.  To do this on the right side are used colors associated with new beginnings such as green which I believe ties in with the idea of spring and the newness of spring. In contrast on the right side are used red and pinks tying in with the idea of summer, progression, and maturity. In terms of technique used stronger and more defined lines were used to emphasize importance or difference based on their size. Lighter details used smaller lines and larger more important details used larger and more defined lines. In addition the left hand side was created with a rougher tool/pen to show its lack of rigidity/definition as because it’s a beginning it isn’t what it truly is yet in direct contrast to the right hand side that is made with defined and sure lines that leave little margin for a line interpretation. 

Absolute Certainty by Alexandria Bachmann

In terms of the tools used I don’t think image quality was affected in any massive way as it was done digitally and pixels were considered during the process. So uploading wouldn’t be an issue. 

Lastly I don’t think the way I use time within the comic is truly inventive but I think there’s a subtlety to its use even with the large clock in the center. I think it’s obvious a progression happens within the comic however it’s up to the audience to create that story of progression. I like to think of it as a seasonal progression, my mom interpreted it to be Demeter and Persephone, my dad thought it was a daughter and her mother. So I think by leaving the comic open for Interpretation I also leave the concept of time within the comic open for interpretation as well. 

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