Weekly Comic: Living in Line: Ethan Miller

For this week we created a comic that showcased inspiration from Scott McCloud’s Living in Line chapter of his book. The senses I was trying to convey with my comic that are otherwise invisible was anxiety on the guy’s face with how I was making his eyebrows and expression. Then I tried to convey motion by adding lines outside the meteor to make it seem like it was moving. I also used the lines to create depth in my comic with the hill and the city. The way the hill cuts across the horizon makes the shot

Week 13 Comic

seem so much larger when you can see it in context of the large city. I also tried to reach the same effect with the explosion that followed.

I made this comic in illustrator, only using the shape tool, shape builder tool, and pen tool. The shape tool was to get all my basic shapes done, and then I used the shape builder tool and pen tool to create more complex art out of the basic shapes. For example, the explosion in the third panel was originally a star. I used the pen tool to create rounded angles and make the fire effect that you see in the final comic. The meteor was originally a 5 stared polygon, but after shaving it’s sides down with the shape builder tool and some circles you can see the final object. I felt that with the use of these tools I could really create anything I wanted, and convey anything I wanted. These tools really lend themselves into creativity since they are so basic they can be transformed into really anything, whether that be an explosion or a meteor or even hair.

The type of closure I was trying to make with my comic was more action to action. From the way the man’s arms move from frame to frame contextualize his emotions when looking at the horrific event in front of him. We can see the meteor moving and can assume it’s moving based on how things play out. It’s a very quick moment because the man barely moves, so it makes it interesting in seeing how fast things are playing in the background. Almost as if the moment of impact is frozen in time, with a lone mans shocked expression to leave him there forever.

This leads me into how the time frames work in this comic. I wasn’t too inventive with how the comic plays out. It is just three frames in a very basic order. One after another playing the same scene.

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