Weekly Blog: Living in Line Erin Rockwood

With this comic the invisible emotions I hoed to convey was relief and regret. The character had been working on this for a very long time, but upon emptying the stone into the cauldron the whole thing blew up. I wanted to put the flames on the sides to show the long term result of this mishap that it will have on the characters life. The character is happy that the magic has finally worked their way, after what seems to be a long time coming.

I have limited resources at my house right now in art supplies because my mother had planned to sell the house a month or two ago and packed everything up. I had old color pencils and pens. To help bring it u a little I used a printed out picture of an explosion to show the size of it. I put tape on the back so it pops out a little off of the page. The colored pencils I used are old wooden ones and I observed that they ran out of led pretty quickly before I had to sharpen them. They were a little hard to work with because of this.

I did work inventively with time frames in this comic because the 3rd and 4th panel is a static image that the stone is moving through. The first 2 panels are a close up of the other. I used this because I thought it would build a little more suspense as the stone cascades into the cauldron to have the subsequent explosion.

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