weekly blog: living in line: Trent Madison


Living in line comic drawn by Trent Madison

With the lines I used, I hope to convey a sense of confusion or being unsure in the top right panel of my comic and almost  a sense of realization in the next panel from that one. In the top left panel, I put question marks under the character to give that sense of curiosity.  In the last panel, I used thin lines to create sweat on the characters face which gives a sense of frustration.

I did not have a lot of tools available when i made the comic so i had to use a regular pencil and

paper but I tried to still work with line and give it texture of some sort. I think the pencil actually worked good on the bottom left frame because it gives off the sense of thinking or realizing something.

I used moment to moment closure in the first three panels of my comic. In the last one I used Scene to scene since my character started in his bed room and ended up in the kitchen by the table.

I used time inventively in my comic because I implied that it was only seconds in between  each panel except for the last one. There was more than seconds in between my second to last and last panel because my character had to get from his room into the kitchen.

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