Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Yanir Govrin

Pie by Yanir Govrin

This week we had to make a comic that used concepts from the chapter “Living in line” and had to use these concepts to convey an emotion or feeling. In my comic I used thicker lines and outlining my second panel to make it seem very pronounced and push forward the idea of shock and fear as shown in the characters face as he sees a pie flying towards his face. (Hopefully it was obvious it was a pie) The lines at the end mirror the line thickness in the first panel showing that the character is in the same slightly unhappy un-moving state that you found him in almost an acceptance of what happened after the shock in the second panel.

I made this comic out of a standard sheet of printer paper as the base and sticky notes for the panels. For each panel I created a pencil sketch before inking each panel with variable thickness black markers. I chose sticky notes as panels because they are perfectly square and are distinctly separate from the paper below it.

Because I made everything on paper I felt that I had more freedom as I was not limited to my experience in a piece of software

The closure taking place between my panels is moment to moment as the things that happen in my comic happen rapidly without the character performing any actions. What this comic shows is him standing then realizing that a pie is flying towards his face and finally the pie hitting his face.

Because the character sees the pie then doesn’t avoid it in any way it can be assumed that all of the panels happened in very quick succession. The character is just spacing out when suddenly he notices the pie right before it hits him giving no time to react and resulting on a pie hitting his face. However the time here is very straight forward as the panels are linear snapshots of what is happening almost like frames of a video.

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