Living In Line: Zackary Reynolds

Designed by Zackary Reynolds

For my first weekly comic I based it off my mornings. I usually have my alarm go off two times in the morning. The first alarm at 7:00 and the second one at 7:05 to remind me to get up. I was hoping to convey the feeling of tiredness, warm, loud, and quiet. The way I tried to convey tiredness is by have the 3rd frame look like the character pulled the blanket of its head. The way I tried to convey warm and quiet senses is by having the first and second frames look like it is dark and without any noise. The way I conveyed loud is by drawing lines on the alarm clocks to show that there is noise coming from it. 

The tools I used were the shape tools and the brush tool. I was also making some of my things slightly transparent which helped to convey the warm and quiet feelings in the frames. Some of the observations I made about the tools is that they get easier to use the more you play around with them. At first some of the things I wanted to do like moving layers around was challenging but the more I did it the better I became at it. 

The type of closure I was going for was subject to subject closure. The reason why it is this type of closure is because the frames go from the character sleeping to another subject which is the alarm going off. I also tried to work with time in my comic by having the sleeping frames longer to convey the feeling that time is happing in a longer period of time. I also tried to show time moving fast with the alarm clocks being a small frame and you can also see the time that has passes between each alarm going off with is five minutes. 

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