Weekly Comic: Living in Line: Anthony Sanchez

For Speed by Anthony Sanchez

For this week’s comic I wanted to make sure I capture the prompt well with Scott McClouds “Living in Line” chapter. In order to do this, I thought about showing the main characters passion to run by being persuaded by the crowd around. The main character is insisted in showing his speed and in the comic I had drawn up I used lines to main him look aggressive and focused towards winning the race. While doing so i believed I successfully captured the prompt under Scott McClouds chapter.

With tools and techniques, in this part I wanted to make sure I used different stokes ad line sizes to show different aspects of the project. For example, in his face I used different line types to convey different aspects and features. I went with just black and my white with this project. I wanted the focus to be more on the line types to display my message rather than have color take away from the main point of the comic. But having done so I believe it was shown that my understanding was there.

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