Putting It All Together: Alexandria Bachmann

So I went a little bit off topic in terms of I focused more on the idea of individuality in the terms of technology and social media and how people who choose not to interact on the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc which are platforms increasingly used to interact with other people, they essentially become ignored, unrecognized, or even forgotten due to their lack of digital or online presents. 

While I’m not saying that people need to be on these platforms to be valid or to even be recognized by society those who choose not to interact in this way are not included in a massive amount of contemporary communication. So while I don’t think this has anything to do with me I wanted to play around with the idea of individualism in the context of rejecting a societal norm that many would see as a necessity in today’s contemporary western society. To actively reject the main modes of expression and communication is a very individual decision and could be multi factored in the reasoning behind such a decision.

So I suppose with my idea and purpose was to portray this rejection and consequentially the lack of interaction and perceived intentional lack of acknowledgment. Obviously the form was an online comic that was to be viewed in a vertical display. In terms of idiom I think that my comic is neither fiction or nonfiction but representational of something that happens in society through a non-fictitious visual display. In terms of my vocabulary I think it’s pretty basic I use some sound effects and a very simple language structure as I didn’t want that to be the focus of the comic. In terms of structure I am mostly focused on the changes within each scene. As my entire comic is set with in A singular tram car there isn’t much overall movement so what becomes of importance is what is changing within each graphic. Additionally in the last slide I left a lot of open black space to just try and show an idea of the magnitude that is existing in the worldWhere you can’t interact and people might not even know of acknowledge your existence due to your lack of presence in their social reality. 

A Social Divide pt1.
A Social Divide pt2.
A Social Divide pt3. By Alexandria Bachmann

In terms of surface that immediately perceivable trait is it’s digitally created and drawn in a pixel format due to being exported from illustrator into procreate and then being uploaded.

Lastly just the craft of my work originally I began in adobe illustrator and produced my line work that included the tram cars basic outline and all of the people seen within the tram cart. Once I had my basic line work done and I uploaded the file into procreate which is essentially Photoshop where I colored, re-organized, designed the layouts, and inserted text. In terms of pure quality I don’t think this was my most ambitious work however it was my longest and probably my most interpretive piece of work I’ve done in the class as it’s not essentially obvious what the message I am trying to portray is without either seen the prompts or a basic explanation of what the characters in the comic represent as they are not just characters but our representational of societal facets. So in that case I do think it has been my most ambitious work just trying to portray this more abstract idea visually without representing it directly. 

So I guess just going back to my idea of representing this digital divide created by a digital social landscape was to not only show the divide between those who are interconnected and those who aren’t but to also argue more in line with the prompt that the way we express ourselves on media isn’t always truthful or accurate which is why I showed the people as being dark and not clearly defined as what we represent ourselves as on social media is as perfect as we can be and yet no one is truly perfect due to the human condition. In contrast I showed the little girl who was not connected has been defined because her existence is only in who she is and not split between real life in a digital social presence.

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