Putting It All Together: Edison Soliman

For my final comic, I chose to show how life has been feeling lately through a comic around boxing. In the comic the main character is boxing their opponent. As soon as the bell is rung, the opponent goes in for the first swing. The main character is quick enough to dodge the first hit but to their surprise they didn’t notice the second one coming right after. He get hit right in the face knocking him out cold into a coma. The bell is rung again to signal that a winner was decided. Throughout the coma the ringing starts to shift into an alarm. When he becomes conscious again, to his surprise, he finds himself in an emergency room.

The reason why I feel that this is my most ambitious comic out of the others is because I have never done a fight scene before and I wanted to attempt to have more action in this one. It is a challenge for me to draw in such dynamic perspectives so I thought I should switch it up a little for my final comic. I also made this one slightly longer than my other ones because I also attempted to include almost everything I learned from Scott McClouds “Understanding Comics”. I tried to include different types of closure such as action-to-action with the fight scenes as well as scene-to-scene as it switches to the hospital room in order to show time has gone by. From the living in line section I brought in some inspiration from that by giving the movement of the fists some speed through the use of thick to thin lines. Also throughout the coma the jagged line shift to more smoother ones to indicate that he is coming back. And from the show and tell section I tried to utilize the sound of ringing and dinging throughout the scenes to indicate a shift in time.

Throughout the creation of this comic, I was able to follow through the 6 steps that Scott McCloud discussed in chapter seven. For the idea/purpose, I wanted to express myself and how life has been feeling throughout these tough times. I felt as though I’m the boxer and I am able to “dodge” some of the problems but not everything which would usually hit me hard when they land. Waking up everyday doing the same routine stuck in my house just feels like I have been stuck in a coma which is what I tried to represent. For the form, I just created a common comic look as I feel they are the best ways to create storytelling. For idiom, it would most likely fall under the action or drama genre. For structure, I did it with the simple pen, pencil, and paper mainly because I feel as I am able to express my messages more artistically and clearly with those materials. I would use Illustrator if I had a drawing tablet which I will in the future but for now I don’t want to hold myself back with a trackpad. I also already know the basics of Illustrator through other classes as I create logos and designs for websites, but again for this class I felt it was better to express my scenes through the sketchy and natural look of traditional comics. For craft, I kept it as a traditional black and white comic as I believe it gives it a more real and dynamic feeling as I feel digital may be more static in my option. Finally for surface, I wanted this comic from first glance to look all over the place and full of action. I did this by changing up the values in some places and thickening some lines.

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