Putting it all together: Erin Rockwood

My final comic for week 15

This comic was actually supposed to be a semester-long saga about this character i made at the beginning. I wanted to involve little pieces of the story throughout, but I didn’t end up doing it. I story boarded and wrote the story a while ago, about a cat character in a DnD like world that is trying to find the body of a dead spouse, left with only a finger. The cat becomes a necromancer and has trials to get to their goal. when they finally do find the spouse, it is found that they were the villain of the story the whole time, and had been trying to get the cat off of their trail. The last panel is meant to be ambiguous, a question of whether they made up or are fighting.

To get this together I took all of what I wrote for the story this semester and condensed it down to something I could plausibly do with my coronavirus-addled mind. I took at least 2 panels from each part I wanted to include and drafted it. I then took to Illustrator to put it on the page. I had some issue with my structure, although I had this all planned on paper and in my head the platform held me back a little. I looked up the tutorials and worked to make it look nicer, but it was still hard for me.

Another issue I had with structure was that I originally planned to include flash animation with the comic, especially in any glowing or explosion part. I grabbed inspiration from many different sources, including Home stuck, Night in the Woods, Sally Face, and Hollow Knight. These had cool animation/ color schemes that I wanted to include. All of my inspirations made this what it was, and brought the concept together.

The actual drawing in Illustrator, however, took about 8 hours alone because I am not the most well-versed in the platform. After that I was too burnt out to look into it, but I might work on it further to get my image in.

I tried to think about my comic compositions and panel choices, I like the look of panels that bleed together, like in the second to last page. The background is a part of all the panels. This comic is undeniably me because it involves many of my interests over the years brought together, it has my unique story and thoughts, and my coloring and composition as well.

This was definitely more ambitious then my last comics, I found some inspiration to do something and latched onto it. It was a good reprieve to do this.

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