Putting It All Together: Ethan Miller

For my final comic I was inspired by some recent quarantine haircuts I’ve been seeing online. Sometimes people have been absolutely shredding their hair just because they won’t be seeing any other people which is funny to me. One of the best examples of this trend is the family bowl cut, where someone puts a bowl on their head and just ruins the top of their head.

What I was trying to express with my comic was not only the universal bad feeling from getting a bad haircut, but a bowl cut in general has just a nasty reputation that I’m trying to replicate in all my frames of this comic. It started out with my idea based on a youtuber/streamer that I follow who recently gave himself a bowl cut on stream and it was absolutely hilarious.

The second step, form, I decided that I wanted to make my comic focus on the people themselves and obviously the hair. So the hair and the bowl are always the biggest things in the frame and attempt to draw the most focus when looking at it. For the idiom I wanted it to be taken very literal, what the characters say is what happens. On structure I wanted to try some more unique shapes for panels such that I could make some more interesting perspectives for the story of the comic. I like how the middle long skinny strip turned out with all the hair flowing away from the main character of the strip. As for the craft, I was using illustrator of course, and in this comic I played with the line and brush tool a lot. The line tool was great for making the arms curve a little bit more, and the brush was great for making the hair a little messier than just a bunch of rectangles or ovals.

In order to make myself a bigger challenge this week and make my comic more ambitious I decided to add a lot more frames than my usual weekly comics. The process for the last couple weeks was only 3 panels. By adding over twice the amount of panels I really struggled with finding a place for each part of the story. You can see in the final product that I didn’t do as well as I thought I would by making a title and a “the end” panel at the end but I’m still proud that I made something longer than just three panels. That’s mainly what I focused on for making a more advanced or ambitious comic, was challenging myself to make a longer comic. I also worked more with the pen tool than I usually do because I’m scared of it. The tools in illustrator really do take a lot of getting used too but I can really see the power of things as simple as the pen tool when I could actually add decent elbows on the stick figures. I was also proud of my title card, making the O a bowl was pretty clever right? Anyway, that’s probably all I have to say about this comic, good challenge and growth for my illustrator skills.

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