Putting it all Together: Diana Alonso

Diana Alonso “Putting it all Together” Comic
May 2020

For this weeks final weekly comic, I chose my comic’s topic to be “Self-growth”. The reason why I decided to chose this topic was because throughout my life I felt like I was stuck with being the same person as always, with the same mentality as always and I felt like I was still the same immature girl as always. Recently with the pandemic going on, I have discovered a lot of different changes in how I think and how I view different ideas and changes I’ve made. One example is how I have always found something about myself that I didn’t like, or listened at what other people have told me that they didn’t like about me, and all I did was feel sorry for myself, my during this quarantine I have started to learn how to love myself and how to remove toxic people from my life. I have grown to accept my flaws and how to love myself regardless of what other things. I have also learned that I am not perfect and if there is something that I can change to become the best version of myself I can always change regardless of how long it takes me.

I chose the theme of my comic to be close to like a book. The reason I chose this was because I see my life to be like a story, and I am the writer and main character. The reason behind the “Chapter 20” is to indicate how I am currently in chapter 20 in my life, or in other words, I am currently 20-years-old. The reason I chose my page number to be “136” is because according to Google, I am 20-years-old and 136 days (as of today). I would consider this chapter in my life to be the stage of “self- growth”, and in the bottom right corner I wrote my name because that would be what the book would be called. The reason why I left the face blank on the second page on my comic was to be inclusive in the sense that anyone can be going through this stage as well. I also decided to make it look like there are a lot of pages left, indicating how there is still a long way for me to go.

On the three boxes I added things that are important in my life at the moment, like self-love, getting rid of things that may be toxic, or how I can change many things, like the way I think, in order for me to be happy. The image on the left would be a self-portrait indicating how I am the main focus of this chapter in my life.

On Illustrator, I used a lot of tools that included: Brush tool, lazzo tool, shape tool, pencil, shape builder tool, curvature tool, paintbrush, and the rotation tool. I also used text, color, and facial expressions to add feeling of happiness to my comic.

I think this has been the most ambitious comic I’ve created because it shows how much effort I have put compared to the others, and I feel like I added a lot of hidden details that many may not have known if it wouldn’t have this description. I can also say that I have spent more than half the time working on this comic than the last two. Lastly, I hope that my comic showed my viewers an insight of who I am right at the moment and what my aspirations in life are right now.

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