Putting It All Together: Amanda Retchless

This week I was trying to show a part of myself in my comic. A side that not a lot of people really know about me. That thing is that I love video games. I love it even more when my friends ask me to play or want to play with me because I am not very good at them, but I still love to play them. I started to play video games when I was younger, about six years old. I mostly use video games as an escape and to get rid of pent up stress or to just get away from the real world and have some fun and do something that I normally couldn’t do in real life. Another thing that I love is sweets and baking. I guess that is why I have a sweet tooth. Ever since I was younger, baking was something that my mom and I would do together and it was just us. I am the oldest of four kids, so it was hard to get time to spend with my mom one on one. So naturally, I started to enjoy it because it was something that I associated with good memories. Now I do it all the time and when my mom doesn’t have time to do it, I teach my other sisters how to bake. In this comic I stuck with drawing by hand, this is mostly because I have technical issues using adobe products on my computer. For this week I had multiple frames and I was telling a story. Compared to my last two weeks’ comics, which only had one frame with maybe a few words, I think that this week’s new comic has more life to it and was able to have the reader follow along better and get more out of the story that is being told. I also think that it was a lot more fun and enjoyable to make more than one comic frame compared to the one comic frame. The idea and purpose of this comic is to show who I am and to show something that I usually keep to myself. In this case that is the joy of playing video games with my friends and my love for sweets, but I guess in this case it’s cookies. The form of this comic is me. I tried to draw me in a way that I see myself, but also in a cartoon-like way because I like to picture myself as not too serious, but more cheerful and happy. For my idiom, I had it in a more cartoon style. It’s more cheery and it’s very simple and not complex. For my structure, I made it so it was as if a third party member was watching, or like an audience was watching. My craft for this comic was a handmade comic. I used a dull pencil, not a mechanical pencil like I did the previous comics, and I think it was a lot easier to make light sketches and then darken the lines that I wanted more permanent. Lastly, my surface was a piece of paper folded into four even squares. I then drew four different images in each of the four squares. 

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