Print Versus Digital Comic: Alexandria Bachmann

Both my hand drawn and digital drawings were made in similar ways as I use a tablet to draw digitally. The main differences exist in my ability to create straight lines within a digital format more easily, shading/blending is easier, and any mistakes can be erased. To continue the last thought more thoroughly when drawing something by hand in a medium that mistakes can not just be erased there’s a valuable skill to being able to accept and work with mistakes you make. While drawing or designing is an art form where most look to meet their personal ideas of greatness, perfection, or actuality being accept less than perfection without starting over is all most a learned skill. Benefits of drawing by hand is lines are more precise and expressive and the understanding of the relationship between the art and the paper sizes is more intuitive. When drawing on a digital tablet 1200 pixels doesn’t register the same spatially and a physical piece of 11.5×8 sheet of paper. 

Differences is reading comics in person vs. digitally I believe are mostly centered around how you physically interact with the object that holds the comic. Reading a comic by scrolling on your phone is a vastly different experience than physically turning a page to further the idea of profession within a comic. Additionally with physical comics you know there is a finality as you can physically feel the comics end while digital comics don’t have any true way show their ending. They are by physical perception possibly endless as they have no physical or constructive spatial boundaries that physical comics do. 

Scott McCloud’s book helped me better understand how I could set up my comic and design its layout to be intuitive. Additionally the book helped me understand how I could emphasize change in time/progression through changes of the comic strip boxes. 

Hand drawn comic by Alexandria Bachmann January 16th 2020
Hand drawn comic by Alexandria Bachmann January 16th 2020

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