Print Versus Digital Comic: Yanir Govrin

Making the comic by hand and digitally were very different. Over all I preferred the paper comic because I had more flexibility in what I was doing and wasn’t constrained to the parameters of the software I was using. The benefit of paper was how much freedom I had but the main benefit of using a computer software was how easily and quickly I could go back and change or edit something. The first reading didn’t give me an ideas but its broad definition of comics gave me a more open train of though regarding what I could do.

For me personally I don’t mind reading comics digitally or on paper. I read way more comics digitally as I read a ton of web comics on my phone and only read a little bit of print comics. The main difference is just formatting as on a web comic that is formatted for a phone the panels usually aren’t next to each other and instead are organized under each other to make it easier to follow and read on a small screen. When in print the organization has more variability which can be utilized more creatively and has more variability. I only prefer reading comics digitally due to the convenience of being able to read comics wherever and whenever I want.

Paper Comic, Loop, By: Yanir Govrin
Paper comic, Loop, By: Yanir Govrin
Digital Comic, Procrastination, By: Yanir Govrin

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